Weight Loss!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's all about choices!

Yesterday I had in my head that I could have whatever I want... and the funny thing, is that I keep making good choices.

I pulled into Wendy's was thinking 'whatever I want it's my cheat day' and... I drove right through and got Subway! I picked tuna because that's my favorite... I chose spinach instead of lettuce and apples instead of chips (sickening aren't I?) I bought a 12 inch but only ate 6 (I gave the other half to Katie and she loved it too!) because I was full! HOW 'BOUT THAT??????

I stayed totally within range, for the day I only went over by 5! And I totally had extra points so I was good.

I felt good because I wasn't weighed down by food that's not good for me, I felt good because I made choices without regret.

Our weight watcher's leader suggested that everyday we stay on track so that even if we don't have a big weight loss... I found some great mickey mouse stickers that I bought a long time ago! So I busted them out and I got 'way to gos' two days in a row!

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