Weight Loss!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

you gotta start somewhere

So I gained like 8 pounds since 'falling off', still down 9.6 and I'll call that a victory!  And I'm calling it a victory that I am 'back to it'.  Its really been hard since my kitchen is a mess, but I can take snacks with me whereever I go... celery and apples seem to be my favorite snacks these days!

Another thing that is difficult is that to eat well is not cheap.  Friday I need to make dinner for everyone in the Good Friday production, well, I don't have to, I want to, the problem is that I have to make something different for them than I make for me.  I think I'm making them mostacolli, I'll probably have salad with chicken.

So... I'm working on it, working on my heart, and my body.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting back on track

so I started this journey in October 2009, I've been up and down, and for about a month, probably more up than down.  It's been difficult because my schedule is not really permitting me to make it to my WW meetings on Saturdays, but that's really just an excuse.  I've changed my weigh in days to Fridays to be accountable because I need that. 

I've also been back to "Dr. Voodoo" who is a chiropractor and he also sells nutritional supplements, I actually feel better than I have in probably a year. Eating back the way I should, naturally, as 'The Jillian' (that's what I call Jillian Michaels) says "if it doesn't have a momma or come out of the ground you shouldn't eat it"

I'm really feeling well, funny swallowing all those supplements again.  My mood is better, I have more energy, sleeping better. 

Dr. Gill (aka Dr. Voodoo) said the other day "eat right and the pounds will melt off of you" and so that was all the re-motivation I needed. 

So hear I go... again...