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Monday, September 19, 2011

Keep going!!! Marathon & my heart!

I’ve been discouraged about running. I miss it. I miss just deciding at a moment’s notice that I will get pop on my shoes and hit the pavement. I miss that if I ate too much of something, a good run can combat that. I miss the feeling I get from running. I miss that feeling of knowing that I was doing something greater than me by running a marathon.

I’ve been asking God to speak to me about it. I’m planning on meeting and cheering my friends on as they run, and also my plan was that as soon as I am cleared to run, I will start training (slowly) to run the marathon on April. I wasn’t planning on giving up the dream of sending $2620 to 4-more for wells ($100 for every mile I run).

But like in most of the things in my life I was getting discouraged. Until yesterday. God blew my socks off. I was talking to a complete stranger about my boot and how I hurt my foot (to be perfectly honest I wondered why he even cared about my boot, he didn’t even know me), and when I told him why I was running a marathon… he handed me $20! WOW! What an encouragement! And then! At RC Detroit, the Pastor asks for anyone who needs prayer, I was going to raise my hand but I didn’t, but my friend Netta came up to me and prayed for me foot and my heart (both in need of healing!). I have no idea what made my friend come pray for me but I am glad she did, there is something about being lifted up in prayer that can change our hearts. And to have the confirmation of the $20 that will go towards my goal was like having God whisper in my ear – if I bring you to it, I’ll bring you through it.

It is amazing how when we can feel His eyes on us it can change our hearts and our attitudes!