Weight Loss!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In the pure tradition of being honest, I am disgusted with myself.

My pants are cutting off my circulation.


And I stepped on the scale this morning only to discover that I weigh more than I've weighed in a decade.

Say it with me.


Yes, I know, this doesn't define me.

Yes, I know my pants size doesn't determine my heart.

Yes, I know Jesus loves me.

But it's me who is not thrilled with who I am.

Being disappointed did not stop me this morning, actually it motivated me to get my act together.

I read the bible.  I was a little confused because I thought i was told that Noah was a drunk and God used Him anyway... however in Gen 3 it says that he was righteous... I need to figure that out because it's bugging me. Either way, I am thankful that God uses me inspite of me.  In spite of my mistakes.  In spite of my short-comings.

I packed my breakfast (hard boiled eggs). Logged my food for the morning including my snacks for the day.  Instead of a cake for my birthday, my friend brought me fruit :)  she knows me and loves me!!

I will do my exercises this evening.  100 crunches, 60 pushups (I did 50 yesterday), stretching, and walking a mile and thinking about doing my kettle ball DVD. 

And for the record, not that you asked, if I would have been able to pick between Bob and Dolvett... Dolvett all the way! 

Also going to make this Broke Bean Stew

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  1. Dolvett? Really? I don't know. I think I would have chosen Bob. Simply because Bob has always been there and I "know" Bob and I am completely resistant to change.

    As for your weight. I'm right there with ya, sister. I had lost about 40 lbs since last year...and then gained five after our cruise...and then have continued to gain...don't ask me how much, as I refuse to get on the scale! My "fat" pants are now fitting well...and they used to fall off of me. So not good! I will press on....and exercise ...tomorrow. I can't today - already took my shower and we have church tonight and I can't possibly take another shower. I know - excuses. And this season is all about not having any excuses...yes? ;)