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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed! John 8:35

So today, the day that I decide that the only choice is a good one! I am sure that there will be days when I want ice cream (and get it) but not today!

I posted earlier about no bread and no dairy. It is what is best for me!

Did you know that stress can make you fat?

Oh, I’ve got a double scoop of stress today.

But my God is bigger than that!

Yes, I struggle with food. The first thing I want to reach for when life gets a little crazy! Ice cream, pizza, yum! But I know that is no way to live, trapped in a prison I built myself! I am an overcomer! I have overcome so much because of His love and grace, and this too will be overcome! I will be free!!!

I stopped today and got a Lebanese salad with chicken today and it was sooooo good! I think I could eat them EVERY day! And I just might.

You see, my life is different. I have joy and peace and it lives in me! But who can see it hiding behind all this fat. I wonder if people judge me, heck, I judge myself. I hate that about me. I hate that my pants are too tight, that I don’t look cute!

I hate a lot of things… but one thing I know of… whatever is ahead of me is NOT bigger than the power behind me!


And God be with me, I am meeting with some beautiful ladies… and they chose to go out for Milkshakes… that will be a water for me please!

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  1. Wow, praise God for this post!! We are free!! Love it, can't wait to read more soon!