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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I only plan for success!

I went to a resturaunt in Southfield, so good! I looked at the menu and chose a Spinach Salad with Chicken.... can you say YUM!! You know what's crazy?! Guess how much dressing they gave me? 1 four oz cup and 1 2 oz cup... Are you kidding? when I said that I didn't need all that the guy looked at me like I had 3 heads (That's one of my favorite sayings). And I passed on the big butter ladened piece of bread (the size of 3 of my hands!).

I could have taken it all, and I might have even eaten the dressing (yes, i love salad with my dressing... lol) but I plan for success. Don't take it. I planned on being successful today, I plan on being successful when I hit that scale on Saturday and if the poundage isn't as I'd like, I know that I did what I could to affect it.

Yesterday I was in the hospital with my stepmom while my dad had surgery. I didn't plan well and didn't bring a lunch, and I HATE hospital food. However Oakwood Hospital's salad bar is FABULOUS!!! OH SO GOOD! Even made passing the pizza up, ok! Seriously!! It's also easy when my step mom is around because she is always cheering me on, she knows, first hand, how hard it is to lose weight, and she works at WW and cheers me on all the time, even when I don't do well!

I know that I'm just starting on this change of the way I eat and think, but a journey starts with a single step, and i think the closer to the finish line you get (I'm a long way from it) it can be either easier (because the end is in sight) or harder (because sometimes we can slack a little). But so far, I'm staying on track, I'd love to lose another 3 (at least) by Christmas but really 8 would be sweet but I think a little nutty to think I could attain!!!

Planning takes time and effort, and totally worth it!!

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