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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 'Face the Music Day'

So today's weight is official, I am up 2.6 from last Saturday!

You'd think I'd be in a bad mood, but really I'm not. I knew what to expect if I put junk in my mouth. Christmas Eve was bad!!

This morning I weighed in, and went to eat at my cousin's... what a breakfast we had!! YUMMMMM!!!

Then off to the mall with Corinne, Phyllis, Jhake, Becca, Malerie, & Jeff, we dropped them off and went to Ikea, and then to Twelve Oaks, crazy but fun!! I was going to get Sbarra but i knew it would be really bad...

Sbarro: Spinach/Tomato/Broccoli Stromboli Point 15
Zoup: Overstuffed bell pepper Points: 3
with Cali Veggie sand Points 7
Bread: Points 3

I saved two points but not just that, I KNOW it was a better choice, the food was so much better and healthier!

Today is Happy Face the Music Day

and tomorrow is

Happy Get back on track day!

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