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Thursday, June 23, 2011

as of late....

So I weighed in Tuesday, was thrilled, -2.2.  Total since back to WW, -15! 

Phyllis’s party is Satruday, and we have another party Sunday. Of all the things I am stressed out about… what the heck I’m going to eat on Saturday is top of the list! I want to have whatever I want, there’s a reason why I chose the food I did, I love it!!  And let’s just not forget that I could eat my weight (which is a lot) in homemade potato salad (I’m completely serious about this!). 

My next goal is –20.  I’m giving myself a month.  1 month, 5 lbs, seems reasonable.  Starting Sunday I will be running again.  I have put off my training long enough, I have to get in the game.  I have been so busy, but I need to make it a priority and I will be running 5 & 10K’s as some added ‘fun’.  Fun?  I know… not really.  So soon I’ll be checking for them.

So that’s it.  Stressed about eating…  yikes… 

I did download the free Craving God devotional onto my nook, it was free!  So I think that will also help, you can get it online too, delivered right to your emailbox.

Check out the website http://madetocrave.org/

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  1. Good for you! I'm dieting too and have enjoyed reading some of your other posts on the subject.
    I'm thinking I need to start posting some healthier recipes, instead of things like peanut butter dessert!