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Friday, January 29, 2010

Small Victories

So I wanted grilled cheese, I wanted a tuna melt, I wanted...

I got... Subway. Turkey on whole wheat. Albeit I ate the foot long of turkey, but it was good and I am full. I hate being hungry.

5 points for 6", but i added cheese, 2 pts, and mayo another 1, so that means I hate 16 points for lunch, which kind of is high, but I'll behave for dinner, and I should be all good. And i said it was a small victory anyway, I looked on line, tuna melts are anywhere from 19-25 points, and I would have gotten chips or fries... so I think I did ok, I ate things that were good for me, loaded up on the veggies.

Tomorrow is weigh in, I relaly am not sure how i will do, but this I know... I made good choices all week.

Its a journey not a race.

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