Weight Loss!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sometimes you get what you deserve...

Warning, this post may contain TMI for some... don't say I didn't warn you...

I didn't post my loss (or gain) on FB last week. i was disappointed that I had gained another pound. I must confess, I deserved it (and probably more to tell you the truth). i celebrated and kind of wallowed that week/weekend before the weigh in, so that's what happens...

This week, back on track. Went bike riding, running, went for a walk yesterday with one of my girls, we walked about 2.75 miles. Stayed within my points all week, still have quite a few of the 'extra' points left.

I'm back to planning my meals, which helps out IMMENSELY!

The problem is that my 'aunt flo' came to visit this week, and that can throw everything off! So I am not sure how I am going to do, I know that my own scale at home is moving in the right direction :)

So not sure what the scale will say, but this may be one of those weeks when I just have to say 'the scale doesn't define me' because I know it's been full of good choices!

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