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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another New Beginning

So I stepped on the scale today, because my pants are getting tight. And because I want to know where I am starting. Its no surprise if you took a look at me that I’m not happy. I hate the way I look. If I was the correct size, I’d be happy, but I’m the one who made these choices, and continued to make these choices that lead me where I am today, and it’s only my choices that will lead me back to health. It’s about depending on God instead of food. Yes, I know I’ve said this a million, maybe two million times.

And I know what to do. I just need to do it. I need to plan, I need to shop correctly, I need to get out of the mentality that it’s cheap so I’ll buy it. Nope. That’s not a good mentality.

So today, I started. If it doesn’t have a momma or come from the ground, it shouldn’t go in my mouth!

Scrambled eggs (2)
Turkey sausage (2)
Spinach salad
Turkey breast

Not sure what’s for dinner yet, but I’ll figure it out, probably chicken breasts and salad or some yummy veggies. Going to try to just walk today, no running, no gym, just some fresh air and moving my feet!

Dear Lord, be there with me. I know in You I cannot fail. I want my outward self to reflect the amazing changes You’ve made in my life!!

Another New Beginning - Lyla Akouri
Dear God,
YOu know how lost I've been
You also know my fears.
As I stand here - at the beginning of this new year,
I ask that You take my hand.
Pull me out of the question mark I have been living in.
Lead me through the days and months ahead.
Give me the strength to let go of me, and hold on to you.
Only You, oh God.
Teach me again the ways of Your love.
Show me once more your spirit within me.
Reveal to me anew what a blessing it is to be alive,
to love and be loved; and the beauty in each new day.
I promise I will do my best to find joy in all things;
to be a light of love to others;
and a light of love to self.
From this day forward, a new "me" emerges.
From this day on, a new song written.
May it be pleasing to you, oh Lord.
May it be beautiful, to all those who hear it.


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