Weight Loss!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to it, better choices

Loving Panera’s new menu board. I love that they show all the calories to each menu item. Its so awesome! Went there for lunch today. Talked myself into the .99 bakery item. Thankfully I got the little ticket that you can chose what you want when you’re done eating. As I was standing in the a really long line, I decided that I would just give someone in line my ticket. I didn’t need anything. They didn’t have my favorite which is the cranberry orange muffin so part of me was like ‘if I can’t have my favorite, I shouldn’t have anything” so I didn’t. I was thinking about getting the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. 370 Calories, 14 g fat! It would have been 8 points! Not worth it! SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to the Tiger Game. I have to make good choices, it will be hard to be there and not eat crap, but I’ve got to plan! Bring an apple, some veggies to snack on. I didn’t eat that good this weekend, and I also didn’t poop that good either.

Anyway, glad I got some good stuff at home. I think I’m gonna bbq some chicken or something tonight, and I’ve got some good veggies and I’ll make some homemade dressing! YUM!

I’d like a good weightloss this week. Maybe I’ll even try to get on the treadmill a couple days this week!

Being accountable on the scale, helps keep me motivated.

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